FIFA World Cup: Brings Soccer Fever To The Valley

Local enthusiasm for the World Cup just keeps getting stronger as the U.S.A. Men's National team continued on its quest.

Backing the boys in red, white and blue isn't just helping the sport of soccer, local restaurants and other businesses are also scoring all the way to the bank.

Businesses like Buffalo Wild Wings are more than reaping the benefits of soccer fever.

Why such a huge interest this time around?

Local soccer experts credit the interest to a boost in soccer exposure.

Technology has becoming much better since the last world cup.

We can all log online, follow the sport on the tv, smartphone or tablet, making it easy to get excited and involved.

Soccer fan Tim Smith says prior to this year's World Cup, he didn't really follow the sport but now he's got FIFA fever.

Smith and others say the real reason behind his love for the sport the U.S.A.. team making it to the sweet 16.

For some, it's all about learning from the big boys.

Youth soccer player, Jacob Culwell says, "Formations and tactical stuff and things like that Every time I watch I learn something new. It's so fun."

Although the U.S. dream of a World Cup is over, one thing is for sure, soccer is sport to be reckoned with here in the United States