Father of Fallen Soldier Speaks About Son's Death & Life

Visalia resident, Frank Williams says his son Keith loved to make his friends laugh but most of all he loved to serve The United States of America.Private First Class Keith Williams died Thursday night near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.Williams says when the truck Keith was riding in was hit an improvised explosive device.Williams says, "Keith was a dedicated soldier and he loved being a soldier and his mom and I are very proud of his accomplishments. Even though we lost him and it's very difficult, we are very proud of him."It was just last year, the 19-year-old graduated from El Diamante High School in Visalia.When Williams says his son told him he wanted to join the U.S. Army, he wasn't too happy about it. But when he saw the Soldier his son became, Williams says he couldn't have been more proud.Williams says, "When he graduated from basic training in December we flew back to pin his blue infantry badge on his uniform and he was happy. He was proud to be an infantry guy."Williams says his son was also proud of his Native American heritage, part of the Yokut Tribe from the Tule River Indian Reservation.Williams says, "You know the creator has another venue for Keith and that venue is not with us and he's waiting for us to come."Williams says a candlelight vigil is planned for Saturday night at 8 o'clock at El Diamant High School.