Father Killed Attempting To Rescue Two Kids From Fire

Geraldean Figueroa Perez and Jesus Perez Manso

It was a horrific scene in Merced at the apartment complex on 10th Street near E Street Tuesday morning.Fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of a fire that broke out around 12:30 a.m. Witnesses say a man, his wife and an infant were able to escape the fire, but the man went back into the flames when he noticed two of his children were still inside.The children were 5-year-olds Geraldean Figueroa Perez and Jesus Perez Manso. Family says Jesus was Geraldean's uncle.Firefighters say 31-year-old Ignacio Figueroa Bautista and the two kids didn't make it out.The mother, Marcella Perez Manso, and 13-month-old Kaylee Maria Perez, were rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation and are expected to survive.Family members say Ignacio is a hero for trying to run back in and safe the kids.Firefighters say the flames spread quickly through the apartment and nobody could have survived.