Father Accused of Leaving Child in Hot Car

A Visalia father is now in custody after police say, he{}left his child inside a hot car at a grocery store parking lot.

It happened Saturday afternoon, outside of Save Mart at Walnut and Akers.

People who were in the parking lot heard the baby boy crying inside the car.Officers say the car{}had the windows up and the doors locked.

The temperature outside was around 90 degrees fahrenheit.

Officers broke the window and got the child out.

Moments later, they say the boy's father, 33-year-old David Ruiz, came out of the store.

Ruiz was questioned, taken into custody, and then booked into the Tulare County Jail on one count of Child Endangerment.

The baby was checked out by paramedics and was found to show no effects from the heat.

He was then turned over to his mother.