Fat Hawk Back In Downtown Fresno For Second Course

A hawk with such a hefty appetite that it had to be rescued because it could not fly went back for a second helping at its favorite downtown Fresno dining spot.

The red-tailed hawk was found in a bush on Tuesday, just three days after the overfed bird was found in a box on the Fulton Mall.

"I turned around and looked at the size and it was a pretty big bird," said Salvador Sanchez, a man who was stunned to see the North American bird of prey virtually immobile.

Tom Kuehl, a passerby, saw the hawk stuffing itself.

"It flew about eight feet above my head and landed on the windows and I saw that animal that it was tearing apart," Kuehl said. "[The hawk] looks a little chubby right now."

After a lunch of downtown Fresno rat, it was time to chill on the breezeway next to Fresno Police headquarters, until animal control decided the hawk would be safer somewhere else.

The hawk was handed over to Critter Creek Wildlife Rescue for another relocation.