Fantasy Collides With Tradition In Fresno

This is Cirque de Soleil's "Dralion". And it's in Fresno right now. But before you see this, there's this. And before this, there's this.

Artistic Director Shawn Mckeown says, "We really do search the world looking for the best people."

And they've got them. He helps fuse the ancient tradition of Chinese acrobatic arts with the modern circus style of Cirque de Soleil.

Mckeown says, "There's an incredible extreme sports style trampoline number with guys jumping off massive heights off trampolines and rebounding back."

Tradition collides with fantasy in "Dralion".

Head Coach Michael Ocampo says, "I love the aerial act. I love the trampoline act, the hoop diving act."

It's all set to live music. And Mckeown says a lot of screaming by the audience.

He says, "It's out of control.{} This show is really off the wall."

And while they're doing this, and this, and this at the Save Mart Center when no one's around this week, the public can see this through the weekend.