Fans Mourn Loss of Robin Williams

San Francisco is remembering the life of Robin Williams after his untimely death on Monday.

The Academy Award-winning actor loved the "City by the Bay" and shot many of his movies there, and as Noell Walker shows us, people in San Francisco loved him too.

Fans dropped by the Sea Cliff House Robin Williams once called home... saying goodbye to a man that came into their homes through his movies and TV shows.

Former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown counted Williams among his friends.

From revving up the crowd at Giants games to showing up unannounced at local comedy clubs, Mayor Brown says Williams personified San Francisco. "because this city is a city of creative, risk taking, innovators who live larger than life, and Robin Williams was one of all of those," said Brown.

Susannah Greason, Executive Director of the San Francisco Film Commission said, "He kept the film industry going here in San Francisco in the '90's."

A poster from "Mrs. Doubtfire" still hangs in the San Francisco film commission offices.

At this point, the sheriff's office suspects the death to be a suicide, but a final determination will not be made until a full investigation is complete.