Family Remembers Fallen Edison High Special Education Teacher

Tuesday evening, emergency crews were called to a man hit by a car along Shaw Avenue, near Fresno State,

Police say 45 year-old Alex 'Wilson' Lark had just wrapped up classes for the night.

Lark was working towards his teaching credential, and was heading to his car when was hit by a car.

Later Lark died at the hospital.

Lark's Nephew Kirk Kirkland says, "Wilson was the back bone of the family. It's very, very hard for the whole family right now."

Lark's family says it is still trying to understand how a life with so much potential could be cut short.

Kirkland says, "I love him, you wish you could spend more time together."

Kirkland says Lark enjoyed his time here at Edison High, where he served as a special education teacher. Lark also served as a teacher's aid at Cooper Middle School.

Kirkland says, "I looked up to him from day one. Education was very important to him from his kids on down."

The U.S. Air Force veteran was following his father's example, becoming a teacher.

Longtime friend, Sadon Scott, says Lark's mind was always thinking.

He wishes he would have paid more attention when crossing the road.

Sadon Scott Sr. says, "If he was standing right here, I would probably be a little upset, because I'm by myself now."

Scott says he will miss most the debates they had together and the way he could motivate others.

Scott says, "He doesn't quit, he feels that there is victory in everything and he won't quit until you see it, because he already sees it."

Lark was graduating this May, with his Masters Degree.

He leaves behind six children, ranging in ages from 6 to 22 years-old.