Family Rebounding After Losing Everything To Arson

The Rivera family didn't know where to turn after everything in their apartment went up in flames. But now, the family says that it is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission sought out the 10-member family and then offered to help.{}

Joe Martinez, the community relations and outreach manager at Fresno EOC, said the program provided the Rivera's with hygiene supplies, food, clothing and temporary housing.

The{}EOC has worked non-stop to find the Rivera family a place to live and to help them rebuild their lives.{}

The EOC picked up the first month's rent and the security deposit on a four bedroom, two bath apartment. It also lined up nine new beds and living room furniture.

Robert Rivera said he was grateful for the assistance.

"There are a lot of people I'd like to thank because they really helped us out a lot and we needed it you know," he said.

Miranda Rivera was the only person injured in the fire police say was started by an upstairs neighbor. She tore her Achilles tendon helping get her younger siblings out safely.{} Her Dad caught the man accused of starting the fire.

The Rivera's are rebounding, but they still need help: Clothing, towels, pots, utensils, dressers or cash would make a big difference for the family.{}

The{}EOC is holding a donation drive for the Rivera family Thursday and Friday. Items can be dropped off at its Neighborhood Youth Center at 1805 California Avenue in Fresno. {} The hours are from{}eight in the morning{}to four in the afternoon.