Family Makes Plea as Hit-and-Run Victim is Pulled Off Life Support

A Fresno father is still alive Tuesday night, after he was pulled off life support.

Tragically, doctors are not expecting Joseph "John" Ortega to make it through the night.

Ortega was hit by a car nearly a week ago, along McKinley Avenue, just east of First Street.

The driver who hit him, is still on the loose.

"They left us without a dad now," says Joseph Ortega.

He spoke with KMPH Fox 26 News outside of Community Regional Medical Center, where his father has been since Wednesday, June 18th.

"Everybody only has one father in their life. He left us three now, my little sisters and myself," he says.

Family members say Joseph "John" Ortega was walking to a store, when he was hit.

"His whole family is hurting because of that one person who didn't see him and left him there like he was nothing, but he means everything to us," says Joselina Ortega, his daughter.

Detectives believe the car that hit Ortega was a white, BMW 3- series.

It could be a 2001 to 2003 model.

The car would have extensive damage.

"The person, if they're watching this, just turn themselves in. they're making it worse on themselves now," says Joseph Ortega.

"Just have some kind of mercy on our family," says Johnessa Ortega, another one of the victim's daughters.

If you have any information, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers, at 559-498-STOP (7867).

You can remain anonymous.