Family Finds Dog Shot To Death, Second Dog Still Missing

A Fresno family is mourning the loss of two of their dogs.

The family's pit-bull Isis, was found shot to death on the side of the road, while their second dog Porcha, is still out there. {}

The Ybarra and Moore family noticed the dogs were missing from their home last Friday.

"I was thinking maybe somebody may have gotten them. I don't know I went into a panic. I got my keys and we drove around for about 11-hours," said Regina Moore, the owner of the dogs.

The family posted flyers online and all over town.

They search non-stop for 24-hours until they spotted Isis's lifeless body on Barstow and Garfield in west Fresno.

"She was stiff with all four legs up in the air. She had a bullet hole in her left side stomach. There was not very much blood around the area so she couldn't have been there for very long. She was definitely shot somewhere else and placed there," said Moore.

Moore explains that Isis's legs were tied.

She says besides the grief, the family is left asking why someone would do such a horrible thing.

"To an innocent dog that didn't do anything," said 11-year-old Tyler Ybarra.

Moore says her entire family is crushed.

Isis was three years old and had been with the family since she was a baby.

Isis leaves behind brothers and sisters along with her four puppies.

The family's other dog Porcha, who is also pregnant, is still missing.

The family members say they just have one message for whoever has her.

"I would ask them to please bring her back because she's like my sister," said Ybarra.

Regina Moore says she filed a report with the Fresno County Sheriff's department.

If you have any information on Porcha's whereabouts, the family asks that you call them at (559) 681-2707 or email at