Facebook Scammers What You Click 'Like' & 'Share"

It is called "Facebook Farming", when page creators pile up hundreds of thousands of likes and shares, with the sole purpose to make money.

How do they do it? Let's say a page gets tons of shares, the crook could then strip the page and promote something else, like products that they get a commission for selling. On the other hand, they may turn around and sell the page through black-market websites to someone who does the same.

It is a way to trick Facebooks' algorithm, which is designed to give more value to popular pages than the ones, like scams.

While it may seem harmless, experts say scammers are breaking the site's rules to make easy cash.

Fresno State Computer Science Professor Ming Li says, "Many times when you click 'like', or 'dislike', or 'share', the information will be connection by those pages and have the potential to be sold."

Li says the new page may used to spread malware - software that attacks your computer - and attempts to gather you credit card numbers, passwords, or other personal information.

Li says, "Think before you click, because your action will have some consequence on yourself, or other people. Internet security has no ultimate solution, because technology is always evolving."

Facebook is always making improvements to try and detect and block these pages, but you need to take extra steps as well.

Websites like,, show you how to improve the security of your facebook account.