Your Credit Score- Affected By What You Do On Facebook

Facebook isn't all smiley faces and likes.

It's about connecting, but a new study shows all that connecting can hurt our psyche. In fact, the study shows the longer we're on Facebook, the less self-control we have.

This study was done by researchers at Columbia University and the University of Pittsburgh and found that people who spent more time on the site have less persistence in whatever it is they do once they get off Facebook. The study also says people are more likely to overeat, and - here's the big one - more likely to spend money, leading to a higher credit card balance and a lower credit score

Here's why. Researchers found that Facebook makes people happy because it makes them feel better connected to friends and family, and improves self-esteem.

When people feel good, researchers say that they let their guard down and self-control fails.

So how long can we be on Facebook before chipping away at our self control? Researchers say, just four or five minutes on Facebook is all it takes.