Facebook Helps A Teen Find The Mom Who Gave Him Up For Adoption

It's a reunion eighteen years in the making and it's all because of Facebook.

A Fresno woman gave up her son for adoption. She had no contact with him until he sent her a Facebook message. The two recently reunited and saw each for the first time in years.

"All the feelings came back," says Stacey Connolly who was recently reunited with her oldest son, "It was very emotional and it was happiness."

Stacey Connolly's story starts eighteen years ago when she gave birth to a baby boy. She says she was a drug user and her son was taken away when he was two years old.

"The hardest part was not knowing if he was okay, if he was hungry, if he was out in the weather and if he was in school," adds Connolly.

She kept pictures of Christopher in her home and talked about him with her husband and two children. Then out of the blue one day Connolly received a message on Facebook from Christopher.

"I saw his picture and I still didn't believe it" says Connolly, "I went onto his Facebook page and I checked his birthday and then it hit me that it was him."

Christopher had a picture of Connolly with her name written on the back. Now that he's eighteen years old he decided to type that name into Facebook, the search led him to her husband, and then to his birth mother.

"People always think you'll never see them again," she says, "Once they're gone, they're gone and that's not true. I'm living proof that if you can get your life together."

Connolly has not used drugs for fifteen years. She works as a nursing assistant and hopes to become a registered nurse one day.

Connolly and her family have been invited to Christopher's high school graduation. She says she wouldn't miss it.