Exeter Pilot Restores WWII Vintage Plane Burned In A Fire Decades Ago

A World War II era plane is back in one piece and flying again. The plane is a 1941 Stinson 10A. It's owner Hans Steiner of Exeter bought the plane in bad condition in 2002. It had been sitting in a barn for 30 years after catching on fire. "At the time I needed an airplane to fly so it seemed like an economical way to do it. With my son and me I thought it would take about three years to do and it only took 12. We didn't miss by too much there I guess."

On July 10th the plane took flight for the first time in years. The Stinson was used by the Civil Air Patrol during World War II. "They actually hung a bomb beneath it and the Civil Air Patrol would fly it as a patrol looking for German U boats out of the coast of Florida and Gulf of Mexico."

Last week Steiner decided to fly his plane to Wisconsin for the Experimental Aircraft Awards Association show. He never expected to come home with a trophy. The plane isn't built for speed. It tops out at 110 mph. It took Steiner 45 hours in the air to make the roundtrip. But it was also a chance to get to know his Stinson and what she meant to the U-S military back in the 40's.