EXCLUSIVE: Sneak Peek At Fresno's "H&M"

Get ready, Fresno. One of the world's biggest stores is about to open in River Park. "H&M" is a trendy, low priced store that's expected to attract thousands of people.

"I don't know how many years I've heard people tell me, "I wish 'H&M' was in Fresno," says Anyssa Espinoza who is excited for 'H&M' to open.

"I think it's pretty cool we have a new store in town," says Crystal Avila who is also looking forward to 'H&M' opening.

Inside Fresno's 'H&M' there are clothes for women, men, children and babies. People were peeking through the glass doors on Wednesday trying to see what the store looks like.

"I'm very happy that it's opening and people will probably be attracted to it," says Aide Medina who works at a River Park store, "There will be a lot more people young and older. It's a nice environment and I like the store."

What makes the Fresno 'H&M' a big deal is the closest ones are hours away in Modesto and Los Angeles. So, the hope is the store will bring in people from all over the valley.

"People that are from out of town might be looking for this particular store," adds Medina, "So they might just say "Hey, River Park has one."

People can line up at 'H&M' starting at 6 am on Thursday, but the doors won't open until noon. No camping is allowed overnight in front of 'H&M'. There will be additional security to help handle all the people.