Escort Sets Up Retired Officer- Steals Car & Gun

A retired Madera police officer is beat up, carjacked and has his gun stolen.

Fresno police say the retired officer was meeting a woman he met on the website known as, a popular escort site.

The attack happened outside a home on the 3400 block of Normal in southwest Fresno.

Police say the retired officer met the woman near the corner of First and McKinley and then followed her back to her home.

Police say it was all a set up.

Fresno Police Sgt. Tim Tiejen says, "She gives him some alcohol and he drinks the vodka and a few moments later he starts feeling a bit light headed. He thinks it was spiked and he starts staggering and falling down."

That is when officers say the man claims he saw two men at the back door with guns, so he ran to the front door.

Police say the guy was able to stumble out of the house but he was confronted by 2 other guys outside.

They wrestled him to the ground and got away with his wallet, keys and took off in his car. However inside his vehicle was a gun.

Later the Fresno Police Department's Career Criminal Auto Theft Team spotted the stolen infinity blocks away.

Officers say 2 teenage boys were arrested.

However, the gun and the two other men who helped beat the retired Madera officer are still on the loose.

Police say it serves as a reminder of the dangers of Internet hook ups.

Sgt. Tiejen says, "This can be an avenue where they can set you up and rob you, just like this incident."