E.R. Packed At Community Hospital: Flu Bug and Others

Tents have been put up to deal with the flood of patients at Community's emergency room. Officials say that they have not had to use them yet.

The emergency room at Community Regional Medical Center has been packed all week.

It's more than just the flu that's drawing sick people to downtown Fresno.

Thursday wasn't a good day for Michelle Liscano to come down with a migraine.{}

"A lengthy time but once they got to me it was all prompt the way it is supposed to be but it's just the wait," she said of her experience in the cramped hospital. "It's the wait that could really take you under."

A flu outbreak and respiratory problems have prompted Community to set up tents in the parking lot to serve as an extended waiting room.{} So far they've haven't been needed.

Inside of the emergency room, some patients are in in rooms, but more are on gurneys in the hallway and even more seeking medical attention waiting in the waiting room.

Some patients require being wheeled in by ambulance.{}{}

Susanne Spano, an emergency room doctor, said that Community has done a pretty good job of getting people seen and taking care of their needs despite the flood of patients.

"[We] see patients and we do the best we can everyday," she said.{}

The parking lots are full of cars belonging to patients and medical staff dealing with an overflow of patients.{}

For Jose Colon, however, he picked the wrong day trying to get his heart medication prescription renewed.{}

"They just said 'too many people sorry.' They just kept apologizing," he said.{} "Everyone else in there was getting a little upset about the wait. {} I just thought maybe there was some kind of epidemic going on."

It's been a bad week for sickness in Fresno but empty tents are a sign the flu bug so far isn't out of control.{}