Endeavour's Landmark Tour Of California

The Space Shuttle Endeavour has taken its last voyage over U.S. soil. Just after eight Friday morning Endeavour flying piggyback on a 747 jumbo jet lifted off one last time at Edwards Air Force Base.

After a quick tour of desert communities it was time to head north. NASA didn't treat Fresno and other Valley cities to a low altitude flyover. But there were numerous sightings all across the Valley.

Mike Curry saw Endeavour as it flew over the South Valley community of Exeter. Minutes later Kathryn deBoer spotted the shuttle in northeast Fresno. Kathryn says she looked up and bam there it was. She called it an awesome feeling.

Endeavour was a big hit when it arrived in Sacramento. Thousands of spectators watched from roof-top buildings and streets near the Capitol as the space craft soared over-head.{}{}

Then it set sail west for a fly over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a magical moment for photographers and cell phone camera operators.

Retired astronaut Tom Jones reflected on the spacecraft he called home for three weeks. "I shared many friendships in the two min-vans of space that Endeavour offered. For me it was a magical vehicle that took me on a trip of a lifetime."

Los Angeles was the last leg of the trip where it passed by more famous landmarks before landing at LAX. In a few weeks Endeavour will travel twelve miles through city streets where it will be on display at the California Science Center in Exposition Park.

Endeavour spent 299 days in space before being retired with the entire space shuttle fleet last year.