Empty Pond A Hazard And Eyesore

A pond at a popular central Fresno park is an eyesore. The Roeding Park pond was drained a few weeks ago and has been empty ever since.

The pond is where a lot of geese and their babies live. However, without any water the geese are drinking out of puddles.

"I think it looks horrible," says Amy Westburg, "I thought it was a hazard when it was full but now it's a drained, empty pit that the kids try to run into."

Westburg and other families go to the park to visit the 'Fresno Chaffee Zoo' or 'Rotary Storyland and Playland'. The families say going to the pond isn't part of their day anymore.

"It looks sad," says Sylvia Armenta, "The kids don't really want to go there anymore and feed the geese."

A spokesperson for the city says the pond was drained to replace pumps that were leaking. The pond also needs to be cleaned because the water was dirty.

People say they understand that the pond needs to repaired, but they want to know when the pond will be filled again.

"It does look really ugly," says Armenta, "I mean it doesn't even look like pond anymore."

The city spokesperson says work crews hope to re-open the pond by Easter weekend.