Egg Drop, 7,000 Eggs Fall From Helicopter

{}It was an Easter surprise like no other at Clovis Hills Community Church.Contrary to the holiday tradition, instead of having a bunny pass out eggs, a roaring helicopter dropped down 7,000 of them.Video captured by attendees shows a stampede of kids running toward the massive egg hunt."When they were running, they were like screaming. It was dusty and awesome," said Hope Jenkins.Jenkins and her younger brother collected baskets full of candy-filled eggs.Pastor Shawn Beaty, along with 200 other volunteers, helped orchestrate the event.The helicopter was donated by "Roger's Helicopters.""Easter is about the resurrection and it's a celebration. We just believe that the good news of Jesus is so important, that we will pull off a crazy stunt so that people can hear."The event was scheduled after the morning congregation.According to the church, nearly 1,600 were in attendance.The largest Easter egg hunt on record was in 2007 in Winter Haven, Florida.Nearly 10,000 kids hunted for half a million eggs.