Football Player Shot, Killed In Fresno

A memorial fund has been set up at Edison High School to help pay for funeral expenses for a football player who was shot and killed Monday night.

Marquis Sutton, 18, was shot in the back at an apartment off Ashlan and Marks avenues in Northwest Fresno.

Fresno Police say Terrance Lee, 20, put one bullet in the chamber of a gun, spun it and fired. Nothing happened. They say he pulled the trigger a second time; it fired, hitting Sutton.

Police say Lee and a friend carried him out to the street to make it look like he was hit in a drive-by shooting.

"For whatever reason, Terrance Lee thought it was funny that he could point a gun at this individual and to make the statement, 'let's see how fast you can move now,' and ultimately shoot this individual and kill him," Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said during a news conference Tuesday afternoon. "He did everything to disguise this crime, which is why he's being charged with murder."

Police say they still don't have the gun used in the shooting. According to investigators, Lee said he tossed it.

Meantime, Sutton's mother is now preparing to bury a second son in three months.

"I just buried another son three months and 24 days ago. You know my son, Marvin Carolina, and here I am again burying another son. You know? It's only by the grace of God I'm able to stand here and talk to you like this," Sherri Wise said.

Her son, 24-year-old Marvin Carolina, was shot in a Central Fresno apartment back in June.

Family members say Carolina was a student at the University of Phoenix, and they say, like his brother, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time.