Easy Tips To Prevent Tech Mistakes On Your Phone

Turns out there are some things we're doing all wrong in our daily digital lives and those things could be setting us up for some costly potential consequences.

Here are the tech missteps you need to avoid. These were put together by the technology magazine, Inc.

First - keep your virus protector intact - do not disable it! Resist this urge. It is very risky to skip over this tool. It hurts the health of your computer.

Next, create challenging passwords. We hear this advice often. Inc. says if it's something you can remember, then it is probably too easy. Try a password manager, like Dashlane, which creates stronger passwords for you. It will then automatically fill them in for you.

Another suggestion is to regulate how long you wear your headphones. It's fine to wear earbuds, just don't wear them for the entire day. It is not healthy for your ear canals to wear them for an extended period of time. Instead, the site suggests you get a good set of headphones that fully cover your ears. They are safer for longer wear.

And finally, update your apps. When your phone shows the alert that your app needs updating - do. Many people turn off the alert because they're either too busy or don't see the point in downloading the app again. Beware, if you don't update, your phone could become vulnerable to hackers breaking into your computer or smartphone. Inc. says that the newer or updated apps plug those security holes better than previous versions.