Easton High School Soccer Team Supports Coach Battling Cancer

The girls soccer team at Washington Union High School has the winning attitude.

They're smart, strong and full of passion; traits the girls learned off the field, and from their coach, Brian Miller.

"Hard worker, he's determined, he's very driven, he's very authentic, he knows how to make somebody laugh, and he is just someone you can trust{} ... he's a great person," said Cleste Lopez, a member of the Varsity team.

Miller says his will was tested seven months ago when Doctors diagnosed him with stage-four prostate cancer.

He says he was faced with one of his toughest life moments, and reacted the only way he knew how.

"I essentially said what do we do? We got to battle this, and go from there," said Brian Miller.

News of Miller's condition leaked to the students and staff.

They say soon "staying strong" was on everyone's agenda.

"He is always saying you have to look forward to stuff ... you can't give up. Push, push, push, and you don't stop," said Lopez.

They say the man who taught them to play hard, was now the one in need of their support.

The girls showed their support with letters, one on one talks; anything to let their coach know, they had this back.

"It could very easily have been a situation where I kept it to myself, and been depressed. I think the positive aspects of my fighting this has certainly affected my girls team, the other sports teams, and for that matter, the entire campus," said Miller.

Some of the students put their support on display with a 15-foot poster.

In giant letters, a message read "you got us, we got you, stay strong".

Today, the girls say they are playing for him.

For a man who has taught them that no matter what life throws you, you have to stay strong, and never give up.

"The whole team we all feel crushed, but we feel like we are more alive now. We have him, we appreciate him, and our families who are also fighting," said Lopez.