E-Cigarette Controversy: Should They Be Taxed Like Cigarettes?

Many smokers say electronic cigarettes have changed their lives, but the personal vaporizers are creating lots of controversy. Many cities and states just aren't sure what to make of the electronic alternatives. Are they safe? Should they be banned from places that ban regular cigarettes? Should e-cig smokers pay the same taxes as the old-fashioned smokers? A lot of lawmakers believe the cigarette tax should be added to electronic cigarettes, too.Reporter Megan Dillard from KMPH Fox 26 News partner Fox News tells us just what those taxes might mean for all the budding businesses.

E-cigarettes have become increasingly popular in the last decade, since first introduced to this generation by a Chinese scientist.Now, makers of traditional cigarettes, law makers, and the health care industry are all keeping a close eye on these devices.Los Angeles has already approved a ban on e-cigarettes from bars, nightclubs, restaurants and other public places where regular cigarettes are banned.