Dusty Buns Competitors To The Rescue

A Fresno restaurant on wheels has a blown engine that will require many meals to be sold to get it fixed.{} But{}competitors of Dusty Buns are joining forces to help with the unexpected tab.

The Dusty Buns bistro bus is in the shop at Fresno Catering with a blown engine.{} "We already tried rebuilding that one this year so we know we have to move on to the next stop," said Dusty Buns owner Dustin Stewart.{}

In a few days the green machine should be as good as new.{} Then there's the repair bill that owner Dustin Stewart believes will range between three-to-six thousand dollars.

One of his competitors at Fresno Brewery, Ephiram Bosse{}heard about Dustin's bad luck and decided to help.{}Ephiram and Dustin have been friends for less than a year. {} But he saw a friend in need and decided to do what restaurant people do best, throw a party and raise some money.

"They're not my competition. {} We kind of take the approach at least here we're all kind of in this together. {} So what's good for them is good for us," said{}Bosse.{}

Fresno Brewery is hosting a fund raiser Monday night.{} Other local businesses are donating food, beer and even a bicycle to be auctioned.{}{} "I didn't expect that to happen but I think people are putting their minds together on how we can stay in business and keep doing what were doing for Fresno," said Dustin Stewart.{}

In the meantime Dusty Buns is relying on the lunch box and a tent to help peddle his sandwiches.{}Saturday he has an event in Clovis that requires a lunch truck.{} A competitor is letting Dustin borrow his. {}{}{}

Monday night's{}fund raiser at Fresno Brewery on the Fulton Mall begins at 7:30. {} The public is invited.