Fresno Irrigation District Delays Decision On Water Delivery

Dry winter conditions have prompted the Fresno Irrigation District's Board of Directors to delay a decision on when to begin the District's water delivery service, the agency said.

Board members this week decided they would not consider setting a water run starting date until March.

Gary Serrato, FID General Manager, noted,

"There have been no big storms since December and the board has concluded it would be prudent to delay the water run in order to gain a better outlook on what this year's water supply will be," said Gary Serrato, FID General Manager, in a released statement.

This is the second straight year that dry winters in the Central Valley have forced a delay.

Officials have estimated that the Kings River's 2013 water supply will{} fall short of average unless some major storm hits the area, despite several weeks left in the snowpack accumulation season.

Kings River runoff that was only about 40 percent of average, which has meant much less carryover water available in storage this winter behind Pine Flat Dam to help meet users' water supply needs this spring and summer, FID officials said.

A field survey of Kings River watershed conditions earlier this month indicated snowpack water content has dropped below average despite an excellent start to the water season from storms in November and December.