Drunk Driving: Man Hits Two Cars, Tries To Escape From Police!

Fresno Police say a man with a blood-alcohol level of more triple the legal limit hit the streets of southeast Fresno Monday -- hitting two cars and trying to make a run for it.

The incident started at the intersection of First Street and Huntington Boulevard when an off-duty officer saw the man rear end a car then back up into the car behind him.

The officer didn't let the man get away. The officer followed the man to his house on Belmont Avenue and Thesta Street.

Fresno police arrived shortly arrived.

Officers found several empty cans of beer in his trunk. The man was then given a breathalyzer test and arrested.

Police say the driver had a warrant for his arrest for a prior DUI and suspended license.

Police say the two cars the man hit didn't have any serious damage and no one was reported hurt.