Undercover Drug Sting: 28 People Busted For Drug Sales

A four-month undercover operation culminated this weekend with 28 arrests in Coalinga.

The Coalinga Police Department in November hired an undercover officer to buy drugs from street-level drug dealers. In four months, the undercover officer made 75 individual drug purchases, said Coalinga Police Department spokesman Darren Blevins.

The majority of the police department's employees were unaware of the operation, Blevins said.

Four people identified as drug dealers were arrested in the first bust on Feb. 28. Officers from multiple law enforcement agencies made 18 more arrests on March 1. Three more people were arrested on March 2.

Additional arrests were made during the weekend-long bust, police said.{}

The 28 people were booked into the Coalinga City Jail and later transported to the Fresno County Jail.

Officers say that they are still searching for two more people wanted for suspicion of{} have been arrested and officers are currently searching for them.