Drug Deal Goes Bad: Fresno Crook Uses Legal Marijuana Site To Rip Off Man

A Fresno man who used a legal marijuana website to lure in a man and then rob him has been arrested, law enforcement officials said.

The scam began two weeks ago on the website, a website used to buy and sell marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Police say Carlos Costanos, 23, met the man online and arranged for an in-person exchange.{}

The man had plans to buy almost $7,000 in marijuana from Costanos, police said.

During the deal, Costanos pulled out a gun and demanded the money. Police say Costanos used a stun gun on the man several times and then took off.

However, the man wrote down Costanos's license plate number which police used to track down Costanos at his home on Delbert Avenue.

At first, Costanos refused to come out, but eventually surrendered.