Drought Causes Historical Landmark To Surface At Pine Flat Lake

Foothill landmark at local lakes are starting to surface due to the drought.{} At Pine Flat Lake the jail at Trimmer which dates back to the 1880's is no longer covered by water.

Water in the lake is now at 12 percent of capacity and when it gets that low local history starts to reappear.{} The jail is the only structure left of Trimmer.{} The town was named for Morris Trimmer who built a hotel and cabins nearby circa 1987.{}

Joe Parker is{}a fisherman from Fresno who fishes all over Pine Flat Lake.{} "I come down here once in a while to fish down here.{} I've never seen anything close to this low.{} This is crazy ever like last August it was pretty low.{} It's a lot lower."{} It's an easy walk to the jail over the dry lake bed but it's likely you will get your shoes muddy.{}

Local historians report the hotel was dismantled before the lake was formed by the construction of Pine Flat Dam in 1954.{} The drought is giving us one more look at life more than a century ago.