Drones Banned in Yosemite National Park

If you have a drone, you better start being careful where you use it.{} Yosemite National Park sent out a release saying that drones are banned from the park.{}The news is creating a stir, especially among avid flyers. Nick Simonian has been flying remote control planes for more than 20-years.{}{}"I like the challenge, it's a great challenge, and it gets you outdoors. There is always something new to try, different planes, and different flying styles," said Simonian. He has also flown drones in the past for work. He admits that it's a great tool, especially when used properly. "A drone is a flying robot, programmed ahead of time and can execute commands on its own without human intervention," said Simonian. Simonian explains that drones can be set to fly anywhere. But according to the National Park Service, they won't be allowed to be flown inside Yosemite National Park.{}{}Officials say it's because{}the drones are too loud and get in the way of park operations, not to mention, mother nature's natural beauty.{} "I think most of the drones operate well below decibel levels considered annoying. I think they're great when used properly. I think the laws are in place with good intention although I think they end up stifling creativity to some amount," said Simonian.{}Yosemite park officials point to a federal law, saying that drones have not been allowed in the park for a while.But rangers say they've seen a lot of them buzzing about lately, so they want to remind people that they are not allowed.{}