High Speed Police Chase: Driver Caught And Arrested

A parolee and a passenger of a car were arrested late Thursday night after leading police on a high-speed chase up a major Fresno Street.

William Carney, 29, was arrested for suspicion of DUI, evading police and violating his parole. His passenger, 35-year-old Gustavo Gomez, was arrested for two counts of burglary.

The California Highway Patrol began chasing Carney, who was driving a gray truck up Blackstone Avenue near Weldon Avenue, around 11:30 p.m.

The CHP officer called for back up from a Fresno Police Department helicopter. The helicopter placed a spotlight on the truck as it made its way up Blackstone at a high rate of speed, police said.

Carney eventually turned his car down a residential street near Dakota Avenue where he lost control of his car. The car sped into a dirt road along Highway 41, police said.{}

Carney and Gomez fled from the car in different directions.

The helicopter stayed with Carney as he jumped the fence to Highway 41 and ran down a nearby embankment.

Police say Carney ran across the freeway into another residential area. Police officers eventually caught up to him with directions from the helicopter.

Gomez was arrested after he broke into two separate apartments trying to hide from officers.