Driver Kills Man, Driver Takes Off & Leaves 9-Year-Old In Car

Some Fresno police are calling it one of the worst accidents they have seen in a while.

Police say the driver of a Lexus with two kids inside, hit, killed another man, and then crashed into several power poles. Once the car came to a rest, police say the man tried to get the kids and run. But because the 9-year-old boy was pinned in the passenger seat, the man left him. However, the man grabbed the 7-year-old girl in the back seat and ran.

The deadly accident happened around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, near the corner of Fruit and McKinley.

Michael Goodom witnessed the accident. "That is the worst thing you can do, abandon your own child! Whether you've been drinking, driving without a license, you stay with your children. He grabbed a 7-year-old, small child, and couldn't get the other child out and took off down this way. He asked the lady over here for a ride and she refused but used her cell phone and then continued down McKinley down that way," said Goodom.

Police are looking for 19-year-old Maurice Fields, who they say was driving the car.

Using the police helicopter, officers searched for the suspect and child from above.

The owner of the car told police that someone had borrowed her car.

Meanwhile, the Lexus, registered out of Bakersfield had to stay where it ended up, as PG&E crews worked to turn off the power to lines that fell to the ground.

Police checked local hospitals and clinics because witnesses say the man who ran away had a severe cut across his face.

Fire fighters say the 9-year-old is expected to survive. It took crews about 30 minutes to get him out and he may have broken both of his legs.