Driver Arrested After Plowing Into Vacuum Store

A driver got sucked into a Fresno vacuum store leaving behind a big mess that's going to take a lot more than a vacuum to clean up.

That driver ended up being hauled off to jail.

"I was in the back working on a machine and I heard a loud boom, then I heard employees screaming 'something happened'," said Anthony Budd, owner of Budd's Vacuum Center on Mariposa and Belmont in Southwest Fresno.

The car plowed through the storefront, taking out windows and displays.

"We were told that the car was stolen and the guy driving it was pretty plowed. He tried to get away, stumbled a few times. Of course we stopped him. Police came and they cuffed him up," said Budd.

Budd says no one inside the store was hurt in the crash, but the driver was beat up pretty bad.

Workers spent the afternoon picking up the pieces.

"I'm in shock, complete disbelief. Just glad that everybody is okay," said Budd.

He says his store has been in that spot, at the corner of Belmont and Mariposa, since 1987.