Dramatic Rescue: Woman Saved After Driving Car Into Pool

A woman was rescued Wednesday morning, after crashing her car through an apartment complex and eventually landing into a swimming pool.

It happened at the Granville Luxury Apartments in Merced.

Officials say Pamela Gwyn drove her Chevy Blazer through the rod iron fence, on the outside of the complex,and continued to drive 50 feet where she hit the swimming pool.{}

Gwyn's car was still floating when Craig Lafleur came to help..{} Lafleur was able tograb the vehicle by the roof rack and pull the vehicle to the edge.{} Lafleur broke the back window and was able to rescue Gwyn from her sinking car.{}

Officials say ifLafleur didn't intervene, this accident may have had a different ending.{}

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the accident.