Double Trouble: Thief Takes Two Cars From Same Owner On Same Day

Sanger police are on the lookout for a car thief.

After a chase and a fist fight, he ends up stealing two cars from the same man, on the same day.

"You know when you lose something, you tend to look for it. Sanger is a small enough town where that does happen," said Cpl. Jason Boust with the Sanger Police Department.

A Sanger man tells KMPH, he was pulling up to his house Monday, when he saw a car thief taking off from his driveway with his other car, a Honda.

The owner chased him into a nearby apartment complex, where he rammed his SUV into the Honda, trying to trap the thief.

Both men get out and start fighting, the owner gets thrown to the ground, then the thief hops into his SUV and takes off with it.

"He says 'get him, get him, he stole, he tried to rob me.' I didn't know who he's talking about, I'm trying to figure out who to grab here," said Willie Mireles, the maintenance guy at the apartment complex who caught the tail end of the fight.

"White guy gets back in the vehicle, plows into the car, plows into my car, goes over the curb and takes off like a bat out of hell," said Mireles.

So the owner hops in his once stolen but now twice-smashed Honda, and the maintenance guy hops in his now banged up pickup, both trying to catch the car thief, who has now stolen two cars from the same man.

"This would probably be new ground for us right now," said Cpl. Boust.

Sadly, this story doesn't have the happiest of endings.

The owner says the car thief was going too fast, he couldn't keep up.

He got one of his cars back, and to his surprise, in the backseat he found his TV and other items the thief apparently took from his home.

Police are looking for a white, GMC Envoy.

It would have some damage on the front end.

If you have any information, you're asked to call Sanger Police at (559) 875-8521.