Doing Good Deeds For Diabetics: Fresno Girl's Mission

A ten-year-old Fresno girl has been dealing with diabetes since she was six. Katelyn Pool wants to make life easier for diabetic kids so she threw a fundraiser Sunday with a two-fold purpose. {}

A{}fundraiser at Engelmann Cellars was Katelyn's idea, but she's got a great support staff starting with her Mom, Darla. "I'm so proud of her. I tell her all the time she's my hero. All the time she's my hero."

Katelyn created her foundation "Pump It Up For Diabetic Kids" three years ago. Some of the profits from her fundraiser will send kids to camp."So they can go to sleep overs and so they can have a party and just for them to be themselves around other kids."

The other lofty goal is to buy ten insulin pumps for kids. Allen Woodward is a member of the 51 Aces, a classic rock band that has Katelyn's back. "Our main goal is to try and get where children don't have to use the needles anymore to prick their finger, they just use pumps so they don't have to worry about the pain or anything like that."

It was a carnival atmosphere at the fundraiser and{}Katelyn Pool had one piece of advice for kids who battle diabetes daily. "Don't count yourself out, and don't think that you're not wanted because you have a disease."

Katelyn's mom Darla Pool says the fundraiser is going to become an annual event.