Left For Dead: Dogs Found In Valley Field

Two dogs left for dead in a Tulare County field now have a second chance at life.

Tulare Animal Services say someone dumped the dogs in a field.

The dogs were living on nothing more than the rancid entrails of a cow, officials with Tulare's animal services said.

The two dogs were eventually found by a farmworker who called officers. Officers found that the dogs had been implanted with a microchip with identification information.

About a year ago, Victoria Valdivia, an owner of one of the dogs, said someone opened her backyard gate and stole her dog, a female that she calls "Little Girl."

Valdivia said she was contacted by officers that her dog had been found. She said that officers warned her that her dog was in poor condition.{}

"Of course [officers] forewarned us what kind of condition [the dog] was in and it still didn't prepare us for when we saw her."

Frank Furtaw, a Tulare Animal Services officer, said the digs were "extremely emancipated."

"These animals were suffering skin and bones, still able to walk but were in very bad shape," Furtaw said.

As for the other dog, nicknamed "Rocket," he is healing from cuts on his face and will be taken to a Bay Area rescue group.

"It's a felony for animal cruelty or animal neglect so if there is ever an owner who tried to claim Rocket that would be the first question that we ask is how did this dog got in this condition," Furtaw said.

Tulare Animal Services is always in need of donations, blankets or volunteers.

Currently, the shelter is in the process of building a dog recreation park for the sheltered animals.

For more information or to help, call 559-685-5047.