Dog Shot Twice, Found Wandering Along The Road

"I knew if they made it through, they were going to be dead," Betsy Cambareri said.

Cambareri was driving the busy stretch of Hills Valley Road in Orange Cove last week when she saw two dogs stuck behind a private fence.

"Behind that gate on the canal side and they were trying to get under the gate," she said.

The recent Bay Area transplant and dog lover had to stop.

"I thought, oh my God, if they get on this road, they're going to get creamed," Cambareri said. "I was able to just push these apart just enough to get them through here."

The Border Collie mix seemed fine.

But the Rottweiler mix was not.

"He clearly had a broken leg. He could not put weight on it, and he was dragging the paw on the ground. It was all swollen. I was worried that maybe it was so bad that he couldn't be helped," Cambareri said.

She took the dogs to the Orange Cove Animal Shelter where they were named Toby and Parker.

Parker's visit to the vet Monday revealed much more than a broken leg.

"They discovered he'd been shot twice, once through inside and out the other side of his chest, which I didn't even notice that, and then his upper arm and it broke his arm at that point," Cambareri said.

Parker is now with the Animal Compassion Team in Fresno.

But he needs thousands of dollars worth of surgery to repair what some coward did to him.

"Somebody, they really didn't want these dogs or they strayed onto land where people said, you're going to die because you're on my land. Whatever the case, it was sickening," Cambareri said.

Betsy says her recent move to the Central Valley has been eye-opening.

"From the lack of care that I've seen out here with people's dogs roaming all over the place, I've seen so many dogs just roaming around, in-tact males straying and then getting hit on the road, it was a shock to me coming from the Bay Area," she said.

For more information on how to help Parker, or if you're interested in adopting him, you can contact the Animal Compassion Team (ACT) in Fresno at

This Saturday, ACT is holding its holiday open house from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 2789 South Orange Avenue in Fresno. Everyone is invited to check out what's new there.

Meanwhile, Toby is available for adoption.

If you're interested in adopting him, contact 559-250-2659.