Dog Attack Victim in Critical Condition; Witness Recalls Scary Scene

A man is in critical condition after he was attacked by three dogs near an orchard in Fresno County.

Fresno County Sheriff's deputies say the attack happened on Alta Avenue between Reedley and Orange Cove just after 12 a.m. on Friday.

Jimmy Antuna was driving in the area and spotted a man on the ground being attacked by two pit bulls and a German shepherd.

Antuna says he tried to stop the dogs from biting the man by honking the horn on his car and flashing his lights.

"I put my car in park and just started revving the engine. It honestly didn't do anything to the animals," Antuna said. "They maybe stopped for ten seconds. That was it. Then they just went back, like, tearing pieces of Mr. Lopez. I never seen anything like it."

The man who was attacked has been identified as Anthony Lopez.

Deputies were able to locate the owner of the German shepherd and he turned over his dog to animal control. He says his dog has never attacked anyone before.

Animal control officers are still trying to locate the two pit bulls.