Does Fresno Have A Fire Bug, Arsonist?

Is the city of Fresno dealing with a serial arsonist? Some are wondering after a number of fires broke out over the past few weeks. One fire under investigation destroyed Procter's Jewelers near Fresno Street along the Fulton Mall. Third generation owner of Procter's Jeweler's, Brent Weiner says, "I got a call Tuesday morning at 3:30. Someone said got a burglar alarm going off and then as I was cruising down 41 I saw the smoke. I told myself it's going to be an exhausting day." Fire investigators say just hours before the Procter fire started, a few blocks away along Fulton Mall, crews were called to another suspicious fire at the Helm building. Thankfully the buildings sprinkler system had activated and put out the flames. However, investigators found the gas line was severed from its water heater connector. The gas line was also left in the "on" position. Fresno fire fighters say so far the fires are not connected but they do say both fires are under investigation and suspicious. Weiner says right now it's all about cleaning up and securing his business. Later, he and his father will run the numbers and determine if they will rebuild along Fulton Mall again.