Does Greyhound Oversell Bus Seats? One Valley Family Says Yes!

{}Some Thanksgiving travelers who had tickets to get on a Greyhound bus are upset with the company.

They say Greyhound oversold seats and they were not allowed to board the bus, missing Thanksgiving with their families.

Parlier resident, Felisidad Garcia says her daughter, Ashley Rae and her boyfriend went to get on a Greyhound bus at the Los Angeles station. The couple arrived nearly an hour and half before their scheduled departure time of 1 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. So thought everything was okay until she tried to board the bus, but was told it was full.

Garcia says, "So they told her and her boyfriend to wait a couple of hours, so they waited till 3 in the morning. Then they told her we are sorry, we oversold tickets. She said it wasn't just her. She said a lot of people were upset, and some were screaming."

Ashley's aunt Mary Lou Iniguez says, "Think of all the other families, it's a sad situation. Greyhound ought to know how to count. I'm sure they can keep track of all the tickets they have. If they have 100 seats, why are they going to sell 150 tickets?"

KMPH News reporter Erik Rosales asked Greyhound what is the deal?

Greyhound Spokeswoman Alexandera Pedrini says, "Greyhound apologizes, and yes we are monitoring ticket sales. We do plan to have seats for all ticket holders. When a bus is full, we put riders on the next available bus to get them to their destination as quickly as possible."

The only problem at a busy time like early Thanksgiving morning, a bus was not available.

Ashley Rae got a full refund, but was forced to stay in Los Angeles for Thanksgiving.