DMV Agents Bust Six In Illegal Car Sale

Half a dozen people across Fresno County are now facing charges accused of trying to sell a car illegally.

It was a day of window shopping for people at the "Cherry Auction," just south of Fresno.

Cars marked as low as $5,500 filled the grounds. {}

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles however, there is a catch.

Often times the cars are sold without license plates or proof of ownership.

"If somebody bought that vehicle, they would be stuck without a title, registrations or license plates," said Tom Wilson, from DMV, Central Investigations.

Investigators cited a man trying to sell a car without any of the proper paperwork.

Cars without license plate numbers, proof of registration or title are all red flags.

Officials believe some cars are either stolen or bought salvaged at other auctions.

The cars are then fixed up, and re-sold for cash.

"Sometimes they are just taking the cars into their backyards, buying parts from different vendors, and putting them back together. Unfortunately they aren't getting put back together the way that they are supposed to be," said Wilson.

Some of the cars Wilson says don't even have air bags; making it not only a bad investment, but a dangerous one too.

Wilson suggests doing your homework before thinking purchasing a car at one of these auctions.

"You take the VIN number and do a Google search. If the car has been through an auto auction or has been crashed ... a lot of time there is a record that will come back," said Wilson.

DMV Investigators also recommend getting a report from "car fax."

They advise to check for the car's title, be sure the name of the person selling it matches the name on the title.

Those cited at today's auction could face a fine between $200 and $1,000.