Disarray, Millions Without Power In Sandy's Wake

The death toll continues to rise and the scope of the devastation from Sandy is still being calculated.

At least 50 deaths have been linked to Sandy. Many of the victims were killed by trees uprooted by the superstorm.

Forecasters say it's turning from Pennsylvania into western New York, where it's expected to dump more rain. The effects of the storm have been felt from North Carolina to New England, from Michigan to the mountains of West Virginia. Waves on Lake Michigan topped 20 feet, and more than a foot of snow has fallen in West Virginia.

On the East Coast, it will be days before power and subway service can be restored in New York, where tunnels were flooded and parts of the electrical system were damaged by flood waters.{} Sandy, combined with a high tide, sent water over sea walls and into low-lying portions of Manhattan and other parts of the city.

In New Jersey, water is where it shouldn't be -- in housing developments, the streets of coastal communities and inside businesses.{} Landmarks, amusement park rides and boats are battered or misplaced.{} Gov. Chris Christie says what he saw during a helicopter tour was "unthinkable." He's to take another tour on Wednesday with President Barack Obama.

Millions are without power because of the storm. More than 8.2 million households in 17 states lost power.

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