Disabled Vietnam Vet's Non-Stop Search For Service Dog

A disabled Vietnam veteran watched in horror as his service dog jumped out of his truck while traveling on freeway 180 in Fresno on Sunday. But the dog survived the fall.

Conrad Diaz has criss-crossed southeast Fresno daily trying to track down his dog. The Akita-Husky is more than just a friend. He also helps Diaz with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. "He helps me with my depression. He's just so special being around me that he helps me sleep and brings me comfort."

Diaz hasn't been able to sleep since Sunday. That's the day his 125-pound dog jumped out the passenger window of his pickup when it was spooked by another dog. It happened on the 180 freeway near the Cedar Avenue exit. "He rolled a few times. He got up and he ran toward the far side of the freeway and headed west."

Since Sunday Diaz has looked for his dog in residential neighborhoods in southeast Fresno. He also spent part of his Thursday checking to see if Liberty Animal Control, the new shelter for Fresno County, had picked him up. Diaz looked but this wasn't his lucky day.

He did leave a flyer on the crowded bulletin board announcing that he too has a lost dog. The four-year-old{}dog is white and brown with a bushy tail and piercing blue-gray eyes.

He{}is{}offering a reward. "I love my dog. He's special to me. He helps me with my PTSD issues and I need him back."

Anyone who finds the dog can contact Conrad Diaz. His number is 559-360-6935.