Dinuba Residents Want Answers: Why Are Streets Full Of Water?

People living in Dinuba say for nearly two weeks water from a broken valve has been flowing down gutters into storm drains.Residents say city crews are not answering their questions and they want answers on when it will be fixed.Resident Dion Espino says, "I talked to someone from the city's public works and they said it's basically the Alta Irrigation District responsibility. So I called them and they said it's the city's responsibility."So what's the deal?KMPH FOX 26 Reporter Erik Rosales contacted both the city of Dinuba and the Alta Irrigation District and both admitted it's the responsibility of the City of Dinuba Public Works Department to fix the cracked valve in one of the irrigation lines.By phone, Dinuba city crews say they are aware of the issue, and the cracked valve will be fixed on August 9th.Why so long?Crews say that's the day they coordinated with the Alta Irrigation District to stop the flow of water in the underground canal.But what about all the water wasted?City workers say no irrigation water is being lost because it flows directly back in the underground canal.Crews also say the water would never be used as drinking water.But then that brings up another issue, is the water a health hazard?Dinuba resident Robert Casey says, "It's 103 degrees right now and every neighborhood kid wants to go play in this water. I thought it was drinking water. If its irrigation water that means there are parasites and everything else. Why is there not a sign up by city crews saying dangerous to our kids?"