Diamonds Found By Construction Worker Inside Old Jewelry Store

What would you do if you found a big pile of diamonds?

Would you keep them?

That's the question for one lucky Fresno property owner.

A construction worker says a pile of diamonds was found during the renovation of the former Warner Company Jewelry Store in northwest Fresno.

The building is located at the corner of Herndon and Palm.

The worker says in December of 2013 the diamonds were found in small envelopes hidden behind some shelves.

So just how many diamonds were found?

KMPH Fox 26 News Reporter Erik Rosales contacted Joe Pickett with Pickett and Sons Construction.

Pickett and Sons, is the company in charge of the renovations.

Joe Pickett declined an on camera interview and referred all questions to the building owner, Tim Jones.

KMPH Fox 26 News contacted Jones by phone.

He also declined to talk on camera.

Jones admitted he has the diamonds.

Jones says he doesn't know what they are worth and did have them appraised.

Jones says he purchased the building in 2010.

It used to belong to Casey Stephenson, owner of Warner Company Jewelry. But Stephenson died six years ago.

The family then gave up the business shortly afterward.

Stephenson's daughter says she heard about the discovery a few weeks ago but considered it a rumor.

She says she would like the diamonds back.

So who owns the diamonds?

We spoke with a Fresno lawyer that specializes in this kind of thing.

He says it all depends on the contract that was signed with the jewelers sold the building.

Most contracts don't cover property left behind after the sale.

And owners are allowed to come back to get their things.