Devastated By Tornadoes: Fresno Marine, Wife Lend Hand To Oklahoma

After seeing the tornado-ravaged destruction in Oklahoma, Fresno couple David and Krystal Terryah decided that they would not just sit back and watch, they would take action.

The couple filled a moving truck with{} food, water, diapers, clothes and other supplies and headed nearly 1,500 miles for Carney, Okla.

Carney, a small town the couple says that had a huge mess but with very little help or attention, was hit two days before the storm in Moore, Okla.

The couple says 25 people in the town of nearly 650 people lost their homes.

"It was one of the towns that wasn't getting a lot of financial assistance from the Red Cross or FIMA," David said, adding that he imagined what it would feel like to walk in the shoes of the overlooked victims of the massive tornado.

For David, the answer was simple. So the marine, his wife and their neighbor started a campaign to inform other military families, friends and neighbors of the destruction -- and before they knew it, the three had a whole crew of trailblazers ready to lend a hand.

"It just became this huge ordeal that tons of the people got involved," David said.

A card filled with inspirational words from those who were unable to donate was sent along with the supplies the couple managed to collect.

Once the couple made it to Carney, they set up shop handed out everything they had. They also volunteered at a local church and met with struggling victims for four days.

"I feel humbled and thankful for my family. It's life changing," David said.