Details Emerge In Visalia Officer-Involved Shooting

The Visalia Police department on Monday morning released the name and additional information on the man shot to death by an officer during a traffic stop.

Armando Santibanez, 22, was shot five times on Friday by an officer after he refused to leave his car and was seen reaching for something underneath his seat, police said.

Santibanez had been pulled over in a rented BMW on South Pinkham Street and Beech Avenue, about a block away from a Visalia elementary school, after undercover officers following him witnessed him selling drugs.

Once Santibanez was pulled over, he refused to come out of the car, said Visalia Police Chief Colleen Mestas.

Santibanez then rolled up his windows and began revving the car's engine before reaching underneath the driver's-side seat, Mestas said.

After repeated warning, the officer fired five shots through the window, hitting Santibanez.

He later died at Kaweah Delta Medical Center that day.

Officers say they found a loaded gun under his car seat. Santibanez had a lengthy rap sheet, police said.

He later died at Kaweah Delta Medical Center that day.

Police also served search warrants at his home and a storage locker, that turned up drugs, packaging materials for sales..